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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rain Today

Today was a rainy day. Its good that the plants can have waters to drink. But people have to stay inside and they cant play outside, like me Rain runs down street and cars get slippry sometimes because its too wet. My dog was inside and sleeps lots. Nothing to do, and my mom and dad haven't bougt new games for me. I had to look after my dog because mom and the help-lady were gone. I'm not alloud to use the heaters and stuff and cooking stuff so its so cold and I have to curl up. I stay in the room and the rain-sound is on the window. Dog has a coat as part of her so she is warmer than me and I wish I had a dog-coat. I watch TV lots when it rains, and dream about being a flying man. Here is a poem, its about rainy days.
"Rain, you fall
Upon the Earth so dry,
When I get tall,
Then I'll be high,
and dry,
God smiles down,
On his children and sons.
Lets not frown,
and pray for funs,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post renny. I hope you have sunshine soon. Bless you

5:06 AM  

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